*collects seashells and neglects responsibilities*


time is still ours to spend 
so i'd love it if you wouldn't say
that we'll forget this day someday
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Is it just me or can you see the pain Roxas is going through right now just by how he is wielding his keyblades. Roxas is upset and angry. It looks as if he wants to hurt Sora and eliminate him. the amount of force Roxas puts into each swing is tremendous and even Sora has a hard time withstanding those attacks. all I can image is Roxas thinking “Shut up” “I am in pain because of you” ” why don’t you disappear already”. Once I took a good hard look at this scene I became sad and heart broken. Roxas has nothing left at this point and all he can do is fight.


if you think ignoring me will make me sad you are 100% correct


"I was the last one to speak to Ivan. He made me promise to give you this."



                "Fuck what Saix says. I'll protect you."